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13 March 1986
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Artist. Orientalist. Historian. Teacher. Gyaru.


I'm 23 years old and into street-fashion and urban style. I am a part of Gyaru
culture in both America and Japan.

Name : Xti-heika
23 Years Old
Born : NOLA
Live : South MS
Education: Art Education: Assoc. Complete. @ PRCC.   Bach. In Progress. @ WMCU

Future Educator of America
History Geek.  Harry Potter dork.  Art Student.  Scrapbooker.  Over-achiever.  Workaholic. Enjoys dancing all night.  Modelling.  Working out.  Studying.  Reading.  Admires Alan Rickman.  Angelina Jolie.  Looking forward to 
another degree.  Marrying a great person.  Living in a house that I can modify and decorate at will.  Scrapbooking for days at a time.  Taking classes on trips overseas.

If you find an "EggVIP" that's not on the following sites, it's probably NOT me.
 Polyvore : Websites : Blogs : Imeem : Youtube : Glogster : Imagini Visual Profile : Last.fm : WistsScrap in Style : Shelfari : Twitter : Team Sugar : Poupee : NOLA1

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Biggest Quirk: I love Old Men.

These icons were made Just for Me by the lovely heart_hands.

That is the essence of Xti~heika

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5'4", abingdon boys school, acrylic nails, acting, admiring kimora lee simmons, aeon flux, alan rickman, alan sidney patrick rickman, alphamegamia, american dream para, amuro namie, angeleek, angelina jolie, avex, banba, being a sexy onee-gyaru, being in bulaklak tribe, black rebel motorcycle club, body image, booty-dancing to eurobeat music, bran stark, bulaklak tribe, burning fat, capitalism, cecil mcbee, celebutantes, chanel, charmy kitty, clubbing, colored contacts, corsetry, curling my bleach-blonde hair, dating intelligent older men, dior, diplomacy, discipline, disney princesses, dnrg, dolce & gabbana, eccentricity, egg magazine, ego system, egoist, elegant gothic aristocrat, eurobeat, extravagance, fabulosity, fake eyelashes, fancy pens, fangirling over bink, feeling fucking fabulous, foreign affairs, foreign policy, franz tornado, galba, galsville, ganguro, gazen para para, george r r martin, gerontophilia, gyaru, h.naoto, hair extensions, happy trails, harry potter slash, headbanging in heels, hip-hop, house/wilson, international politics, interracial relationships, ipod, j-urban, japanese street fashion, jon snow, karaoke, keitai straps, korean, lacoste, leopard print bedding, lindsay lohan, losing weight, maeken trance project, measuring tape, men's egg, mini skirts, mos def, mourning velfarre, musicals, nicole richie, oscar wilde, para para, paradise kiss, parapara dancing, partying in 9lovej, pearls, perfection, photo graffiti, pink and green, pink hair, pirates of the caribbean, posing for photos, purikura, rasputina, repo the genetic opera, rikki beadle blair, rockin my shakeshake accessories, sandor/sansa, saying fuck, scrapbooking, socialite, sociology, steve aoki, super eurobeat, synthpop, teleiophilia, the hound, thinspiration, trevor goodchild, tyrion lannister, vip style, wanboo, weight loss, wheesung, willpower, yakuza, yuraサマ, | ♥ |, , , , , , パラパラ, ルキ sexy headbanging, 渋谷109, 超GALS !寿蘭, 雅-miyavi-, センタ-guy

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