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08 June 2011 @ 01:18 pm
A Fortuitous Happenstance  
I’ve been online since around 9, this morning. Once upon a time, that wouldn’t have seemed so strange. At this point in my life I spend a lot of time at my work table. There, I’ll read or work on things for school.

So, even when I spend my whole day indoors, I’m not on the internet.
This habit developed when, for over a year, I didn’t have internet. Then I shipped off to do the Disney College Program where I just never had –time- for staying at home.

I know it’s a good habit, but it’s troublesome considering how many deep and meaningful friendships I’m in that started online. I often think of things I’m into and realize I’m no longer in the know. I’m no longer a part of the “fandom.”

With some things, I have many friends irl that are into the same thing. Harry Potter is absolutely something I can talk about with random people at any given time. More specific fandoms don’t give me that luxury. With Sherlock and Merlin, it’s internet or nowhere.

I could look at today’s internet marathon as a waste of time.

Instead, I’ll look at it as a day I spent reconnecting. I’ve gotten rid of or updated more profiles. I’ve cleaned up some of the sloppy coding in my websites. I’ve talked on Facebook chat (as much as stupid, crappy, laggy, jerky Facebook chat would allow) and I’ve definitely gotten reacquainted with my old email inbox. Oh, and look at this: I’ve updated my dead livejournal.

Hopefully, this is the beginning of me knowing how to balance my real life with my internet interests.