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15 July 2010 @ 07:00 am
Updates via txtmessage  
These are updates from my twitter account. If you'd like some actual blog entries, add my on Myspace! My screenname is EGGVIP!

07:00 I just became the mayor of Chatham square building 5 on @foursquare! 4sq.com/a2Qd2l #

07:00 Waking up to the sound of a crazy person being crazy-rude (@ Chatham square building 5) 4sq.com/a2Qd2l #

11:44 If you wanna see a pic of me looking terrible (especially since I'm next to that too-hot-to-trot Goofy) visit my website! New blog entry :3 #

13:02 Wants an @Acrylicana phone charm #

13:09 Love the sound of that. Looking forward to the post! @blooomzy Bought the perfect 'Mode' outfit: ..... Post soon~ #

14:36 I love his movies! @missariell Oh no! Tim Burton is remaking Wuthering Heights?!?! Aww shit he ruins everythingT_T #

14:49 is the only blogger I know without a Formspring #

14:52 @miss_mitsu I just imagined you using kung-fu on a giant FS logo. ;_; #

14:56 My site looks ghetto-tastic honestuniquebeautiful.net/blog/ I finally made a post about leaving MS and arriving in FL #

14:56 Please, visit my site so the "visitor bar" isn't a column full of my face my face my face my face. I keep refreshing so I can check coding #

15:29 @taurusbombshell Yah for in-yo-face questioning! Anonymous queries be damned! #

16:27 You know your gaybies love you when they send you false eyelashes after a drag-prep shopping spree! #

16:27 @pshhitsjazmine I feel the same way, but about hairdye #

17:19 Not 2 say Im on a roll or anythin, but I -did- write about MAC's Disney Venomous Villains collection honestuniquebeautiful.net/blog/ #

17:20 @miss_mitsu Now that I'm trying to update my site, I want to just say THANK YOU for all the work you do for us. This is time-consuming. ;o; #

19:43 @chouzuru I work at Walt Disney World in Orlando. You and I should plan to meet while you're here :3 #

20:00 @Miesuku I miss u ;o; #

20:00 @CocoChanele That's why I can't even eat corn chips XP #

21:02 I dunno why, but I LOL'd. "Please note the recent claims about our Love 21
Maternity line being geared toward pregnant teens are not true" #

21:06 Forever 21 saying they're making -anything- not geared toward teens is like Huggies saying they don't make stuff for babies. #

01:11 Sometimes I realize how old I am. Someone just woke me up, yelled at me, and... #

01:11 ... because I knew I was wrong I wasn't even upset. I let them yell, and I apologized... #

01:12 ... They could have behaved differently, but that doesnt mean I should misbehave. #

02:50 @wmeg naw. Long story short: I washed dishes 3 times today. None mine. Decided to leave mine for morning instead of a 4th wash. Bianca fit. #

02:53 Sounds amaaazing! RT @sparklystephiee: OMG gangsta rap about DINOSAURS on @latenightjimmy!! Amazing! #

02:57 Wish I could do chatroulette here! That would be perfect for tonight since I can't sleep. #

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