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14 July 2010 @ 07:00 am
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These are updates from my twitter account. If you'd like some actual blog entries, add my on Myspace! My screenname is EGGVIP!

13:12 Saw girl check her apts mail, took own and put rest back. We have 1key! U take key back, take all mail. U don't take key back, ur an arse. #

14:04 Is gonna go to sleep and miss being called. #

16:18 That question made me grumble. RT @miss_mitsu: I was ordering a garment off Rakuten when I... 4ms.me/9UOOdZ #

16:23 @ASamantha I'm always a D&G fan. Chanel looks are often too polished and fussy for me. #

16:26 In a grump-mood. Need to cook and eat and sleep once I make it back from the doc's. On bus, now. #

16:29 @Noiry boring but I loved when Sebastian caught the birds and Tanaka popped up. #

16:38 @Noiry I liked seeing Ciel be a BAMF. Also kinda liked trying to speculate. I think this is his dream while in the suitcase? #

16:39 @taurusbombshell cuz Japanese girls are -so- tiny. #

16:41 I swear this German guy is ultra hot. "I am intrigued by your hairy pecs" is written all over my face. I need to avert my eyes! #

16:45 Off bus! Food time! Woo! #

16:46 @Noiry I really liked it, but I'm easy to please. #

18:34 Who knew it would take a foot injury to make me sit down and update my site? Step 1: New Layout. DONE! Step 2: New Posts. Ah... soon? #

18:37 K-town reality show? I'm down for watching. www.channelapa.com/2010/07/ktown-reality-show-cast-revealed.html #

22:28 @wmeg Its nawt yur bday. You were born on march 13. #

22:30 @wmeg quit threatening me! #

22:31 @wmeg nu uh. My bday is july 16! #

00:00 Bed, now. HOPEFULLY, I won't have dreams about that stupid guy that I really HONESTLY dislike. (except subconsciously... apparently.) #

00:08 @silvershinigami RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR! #

00:11 used the phrase "die-hard" in a status update about my love of Alan Rickman. Totally didn't mean to, but now I'm giggling at myself. :3 #

00:11 @taurusbombshell YOU'RE NOT BLACK!?!?!? D8 #

00:13 @wmeg Can you zap the snarky awesome guy into the next century so I don't have to deal with how much I hart heeem? #

00:14 @ASamantha Shut-UP, Whitley. GAW. #

00:17 adores her suitemates. Ashley Nicole just fluttered in from work and told me she has a fear of heights and will be skydiving in 3 wks. Rad. #

00:18 @wmeg campfire blast? sounds like something a dragon would drink. #


00:22 I ♡ Angelina Jolie. #

00:29 @wmeg yummy! Gimme one. ;3 #

07:00 I just became the mayor of Chatham square building 5 on @foursquare! 4sq.com/a2Qd2l #

07:00 Waking up to the sound of a crazy person being crazy-rude (@ Chatham square building 5) 4sq.com/a2Qd2l #

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