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11 July 2010 @ 07:00 am
Updates via txtmessage  
These are updates from my twitter account. If you'd like some actual blog entries, add my on Myspace! My screenname is EGGVIP!

09:14 Mine used to be. Now they r "Sittin on the dock of the Bay" RT @fredspence: my weekends are a Ke$ha song... #

09:19 I'm gonna rouge my knees and put my stockings on. A.k.a. This is a gal-up day! #

09:29 Going downstairs was a bad idea. My feet haven't healed at all #

12:31 Dear Gorgeous Boy: I hope we're going in the same direction. #

12:33 Trying to figure out what to do w my hair noq that its getting long. I promised mom I wouldn't cut it. #

12:34 Gorgeoua boy hopped on Epcot bus. Magic kingdom bus broke down. I'm waiting on mine, which is now late. #

12:39 @cheesie I'm gonna be single forever too! #

12:41 @VivaRilakkuma my worst fear is falling asleep on the last bus and ending up w no ride home. Taxis in orlando qould cost me $65! #

12:43 @sparklystephiee so cheesy moment! #

12:44 @miss_mitsu I agree @VivaRilakkuma love to see you two! #

12:59 @VivaRilakkuma yeah, everything big is at least ten miles away from the next big thing and fare is several dollars per mile! #

13:00 @johnhensel yah new vlog! #

13:26 I'm so tired of being broke! No more ERs for me. #

13:40 @wmeg Same here #

13:42 @wmeg i hart j00 #

15:38 @Miesuku My life mirrors yours #

16:53 @acrylicana love veronica mars! #

18:44 RT @Jasmine_Blossom: #ataghettowedding even the kids are drunk #

21:06 I love #Hoochiegear RT @cherriparfait: the galstar 'onepiece' made me lol so hard... it barely reaches the tops of my thighs! XD #

06:56 @miss_mitsu hehe "whore-debate." yes I'm like a 14 year old boy. #

06:58 Noooo! Come back!!! RT @MIYAVI_OFFICIAL: i'm back in Japan!! 日本帰ってきました〜。 #

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