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08 July 2010 @ 07:00 am
Updates via txtmessage  
These are updates from my twitter account. If you'd like some actual blog entries, add my on Myspace! My screenname is EGGVIP!

07:30 This followed me to the dumpster. Madness. twitpic.com/236pcr #

07:40 My mornings have been altered to include an extra stop since mine always gets skipped. I immediately hop a ride to the next one, then wait. #

07:46 Well hello there, E-bus. Fancy meeting you here. *disembarks A-bus & climbs aboard* #

07:50 @bevurlee It scared the crap out of me. #

07:51 @cherriparfait good luck! #

07:53 @miss_mitsu you're a caring and sharing person. I'm glad you got some luxury-love for your bday! #

07:55 @miss_mitsu I know how hard it is to lose a pet. I haven't gotten a new dog since my Rottweiler, Merdock, passed 7 years ago. #

07:57 Today is inspection day, so the roomies made sure the apt was (mostly) spotless. I wish it could always be that nice. #

08:13 "Responder Village" doesn't even sound appealing. #

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